Why Do Your Parents Still Play Those Numbers?

May 24, 2023 | Articles

Why does anyone still gamble in general? Everyone knows it’s a waste of money and the machine are faulty. We can get into the studies on the average of people with gambling problems. But, let us not jump to conclusions; your parents don’t have an issue, and you hate the thought that they’re wasting money on senseless games. Instead, let us focus on why maybe your parents insist on playing Bingo or Keno as their pass time. Let us break down some possible motivations for your parents to play their favorite numbers.

They’re Going for a Friend 

Usually, it’s the experience of spending time with a friend. Maybe they’re going up the street or traveling to the California State Line. It’s awesome to sit with a friend and catch up. Hoping to get lucky with their numbers and hit the jackpot this time. Just like you hanging out with your friends to go to the bar. Have understanding; your parents have the same leisure time. I’m pretty sure your parents believe you’re wasting money on alcohol, but they don’t say much to you, do they?

Keno is Easy 

How many times have you participated in something because it was easy? Welp, the same logic applies here. Keno specifically is easy, and you can invest a small amount of money with hopes of winning big. The convenience is too hard to pass up since they’re already there with a friend. Your mom will put that ten or twenty bucks in for a ticket. It’s funny how she remembers to play her lucky numbers every time. Your birthday, her favorite uncle’s birthday, and her high school crush’s phone number from back in the day (how she remembers that is a mystery).

Your Parents are Numerologists  

For many of us, numbers can be nostalgic and hold special significance. It can be a very healing, stimulating, and mystical activity for your parents to recall pleasant memories and tune into their more spiritual side. Imagine how it feels taking a trip down memory lane and then getting a win on top of that!

It’s Doing Something   

If your parents are retired, this especially applies. While you’re busy wondering why they insist on spending mindlessly playing those same numbers, the simple answer is that they’ve earned the right time to do so after years of investing in you

We all have our hobbies and past-times, including; your parents. Plus, when they win, you’re likely to get a cut of the winnings. Can’t be made at that! 


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