How to Stand Out

May 20, 2023 | Articles

If you’ve ever entered a sweepstake or contest before, you have the feeling the odds aren’t really in your favor or to win would be a stroke of pure luck.  Online sweepstakes are getting increasingly popular and actually are easier to win than the old lottery format we are all so used to.  It’s all about standing out from a crowd of people and here are some ways to do just that.  You’ll be rolling in the prizes faster than ever – it just takes a little creativity and determination.

Setting Up Your Account

For online sweepstakes, a lot of them take place on social media.  Companies will often hold contests through their Instagram or Facebook accounts.  Make sure your account looks like a fun place to live – keep the politics or extreme views somewhere else.  If you want, you can create a separate account for all your contesting and sweepstaking.  It might take a little effort to set the stage, but it will make all the difference in the long run.  Have a fun profile picture as well that displays your winning attitude.  

Be Bold and Out There

When you are looking at a contest you are entering, what is the prize?  People often think online contests and sweepstakes winners are picked by chance, but this really isn’t the case.  Employees that manage the social media accounts search through entries to find someone who looks like they’d really enjoy the prize.  They aren’t going to pick someone who will take the prize and never do anything with it.  If you are trying to enter a trip to a Zoo, maybe pose with a bunch of stuffed animals talking about how you’d love to see real animals in the wild.  Or post a picture of yourself in full ski gear on a beach wanting to win a ski trip getaway.  Think creatively and post happily – you’ll definitely stand out!

Be Open to it All

Yes, the cash prizes are the most lucrative, but your winning strategy can apply to everything.  A weekend trip or tickets to a concert would be fun experiences that save you money and give you entertainment.  These prizes can also be amazing gifts for people.  Either way, you are saving money that you’d be spending anyway, so it’s a win-win!

Try Try Again

You know what they say about trying again.  Keep your focus on winning and keep on trying until you hit that magical combination.  Once you win your first couple prizes, you’ll see what worked best and what made you stand out from everyone else.  From there, it’s just a matter of working that formula and before you know it, you’re a sweepstake superstar!  Most sweepstakesters spend lots of time entering – it’s really a hobby for them.  Don’t be afraid to keep working and trying until you find what works, it will be worth it in the end!  

Mostly importantly, have fun with entering contests and sweepstakes.  If it’s not fun, don’t keep doing it.  If you enjoy doing it, it can turn into a thrilling hobby and you might even win big along the way!


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