Sweepstakes Tips & Tricks

Feb 9, 2023 | Articles

Sweepstakes are a fun and relatively effortless way to win cash prizes and giveaways!

You probably think of winning a sweepstakes as a matter of pure luck. In a sense that’s true, but we’re going to share with you some of our secrets to becoming a professional and successful sweeper.

  1. Enter as Many Online Sweepstakes as Possible. This might seem obvious but the more contests you enter, the better your odds are of winning something! This might seem overwhelming at first, but this is truly the best way to increase your odds of winning.
  2. Use Autofill to Complete Forms. We would recommend downloading and install a form filler program. Autofill and Roboform are programs that help fill out entry forms without you having to type the same information each time. These programs are often free to download and install.
  3. Use an Active Email Address. Email is the fastest and easiest way for you to find more sweeps and offers. This is the most common method for players to be alerted of their winnings. Companies will usually specify  a certain time period for which winners need to respond to get their prize, so checking your inbox is the best way to ensure you won’t miss the window to claim your prize.
  4. Play the Best Odds. We would recommend to start by entering the most winnable sweepstakes and instant win games. A winnable sweepstakes is one that gives better odds for winning a prize. For example, a sweepstakes that offers more prizes simply means more winners. Also shorter entry time-periods typically result in fewer people entering. If you initially focus more time on the more winnable sweepstakes, you will have better odds of winning a prize. 
  5. Enter as Often as Allowed. There are plenty of sweepstakes that give you the chance to enter into sweepstakes daily, weekly, or monthly, so you better take advantage. Generally, many people will enter only once or twice, so the chances of your name being drawn as the winner if you enter regularly will be significantly higher. We would recommend setting a reminder to submit the additional entries so you won’t forget.
  6. The More Work to Enter the Better. Sometimes, sweepstakes might require you to jump through hoops such answering trivia questions or requiring you to fill out a survey in order to enter. While this might slow down your entry time, this often discourages many other entrants from completing their forms. That typically means less entries, so greater odds of winning.
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